Company Profile

Our passion is creating homes that have distinctive design features and great quality at a tremendous value for our market.  We strive to maximize the appeal of our homes by making efficient use of square footage and incorporating the latest ideas in design and décor that allow your home to stand out amongst the crowd.

Owners of Pierson Homes

Bonnie & Mike Pierson

Pierson Homes is a division of Pierson Corporation.  We have been involved in residential land development and home construction since 1996 with a continued emphasis on building and maintaining a reputation of high quality.  Our neighborhoods include features such as bike trails/walking paths, recreation areas, wooded lots, streams, country settings, while maintaining convenient access to all of your families needs.  We are involved in all aspects of residential development as we purchase ground, install infrastructure, sell residential lots, build spec properties, and assist buyers who would like to build the unique home of their dreams from the ground up.


As Pierson Corporation land uses include commercial, multi family, senior housing, as well as single family homes in Burlington, we take a long term view in how we develop property and consider the best interests of all of our customers for years to come.  While many developers intentionally do not live in their developments, we enjoy being a part of what we create and maintaining long term friendships as neighbors with many of our business acquaintances.